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Best Birria Tacos near Cherry Hill Mall NJ

Best Birria Tacos near Cherry Hill Mall NJ

A sensational traditional Mexican dish, Birria has captured the attention of food enthusiasts far and wide with its rich flavors and delightfully tender meat. Originating from the western Mexican state of Jalisco, Birria is often made with beef or goat cooked slowly with an assortment of appealing spices to produce a stew that is as hearty as it is delicious. It is particularly popular in taco form, where the spicy and savory juices of the Birria can soak into the fresh tortillas and accompanying ingredients.

Dando Tacos has quickly become known for providing the best Birria Tacos near Cherry Hill Mall, New Jersey. Our continued commitment to freshness, variety, and affordability, coupled with top-tier customer service, has made us a go-to destination for Birria and taco lovers alike. With creatively-inspired options that appeal to a range of tastes and preferences, we’re here to make sure that every patron leaves fully satisfied.

Three Beef Birria Tacos on a wooden table, some of the best Birria Tacos near Cherry Hill Mall, New Jersey.
A tray with Cherry Hill Mall Chicken Birria Nachos.

Birria Tacos Near Me

Our Mexican food menu is filled with enticing Mexican specialties, with every dish masterfully crafted using high quality, locally-sourced ingredients. We are pleased to offer our signature Cherry Hill Mall Birria Tacos in two distinct options. Our Chicken Birria Tacos are made with tender roasted chicken, seasoned with a homemade adobo spice rub, and complemented with Cotija cheese and Queso Oaxaca. Served with consommé for dipping, fresh salsa verde, and a red chile sauce featuring toasted chipotle, they promise a burst of flavor in every bite. Then there’s our Beef Birria Tacos which feature braised beef short ribs marinated in adobo spice and veal stock. The rich, savory filling is once again paired with Cotija cheese and Queso Oaxaca and served with consommé, fresh salsa verde, and our special red chile sauce.

Birria fans are also sure to enjoy our Chicken and Beef Birria Nachos. The chicken version includes roasted chicken with adobo spice, cilantro crema, Queso Oaxaca, and a vibrant mix of black beans and salsa fresca. Our beef nachos are equally exciting, featuring braised short rib and the same tantalizing toppings. When putting together your order for Birria Tacos and Nachos near Cherry Hill Mall, don’t forget to explore our amazing Dessert options, like the extra-long Cinnamon Sugar Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce, Warm Cookies, and an assortment of premium Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. We also have a fantastic beverage selection, which includes a variety of Jarritos as well as other Specialty Sodas, Water, Lemonade, and Iced Tea.

Order Cherry Hill Mall Beef and Chicken Birria Tacos

Patrons also frequently choose our Mexican Restaurant because we offer a number of convenient options to enjoy our Cherry Hill Mall Chicken Birria Tacos and more. We not only have dine-in with comfortable seating, a clean and pleasant environment, and superb customer service, but online ordering for both pickup and local delivery service as well. All orders are thoughtfully prepared in our optimized kitchens to provide superior meals no matter where you choose to dine. As Dando Tacos is a member of Foodiehall, you also have the ability to include menu items from any of the partner establishments to your one single order. This means that everyone in your dining party is sure to find something appealing to eat.

Three Chicken Birria Tacos on a wooden table, some of the most popular Birria Tacos near Cherry Hill Mall, NJ.
A tray of Cherry Hill Mall Beef Birria Nachos.

Enjoy Authentic Birria Dishes near Cherry Hill Mall, New Jersey, at Dando Tacos

With our dedication to quality, freshness, and exceptional service, there’s no better place to enjoy Birria Tacos near Cherry Hill Mall, New Jersey, than Dando Tacos. Whether you’d like to dine at our Mexican restaurant, or use our convenient online ordering for takeout or delivery, a delicious meal awaits. As Birria Tacos and our other menu items are perfect for satisfying guests at local events, we’re also pleased to offer crowd-pleasing food catering services as well. If you have any questions or would like additional information, we encourage you to call us at (856) 702-2824 or reach out online.

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